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Ripple is the cryptocurrency payment system designed for exchange transactions and instant transfers. Although it was launched in 2012, developers Ryan Fugger, Arthur Britto and David Schwartz started crafting the protocol and platform itself long before. They pursued the objective of developing the whole-new payment infrastructure that would enhance security and speed of global transactions. The system rests on the public distributed ledger, though the architecture is somewhat distinct from an ordinary blockchain. Ripple can handle any currency or asset, while the intrinsic tokens can be either cryptocurrency or fiat money, or commodities, or other objects. Payments and intercurrency transfers are processed swiftly, being safe thanks to cryptographic signatures. Special security algorithms verify and protect all accounts and transactions. Ripple protocol is suitable for networking both of real-time international transfers and intrabank transactions.

The intrinsic cryptocurrency is called XRP. To date, 100 billion tokens were issued, of which 42 billion are currently circulating. 1 XRP can be broken into a million units nicknamed “drops”. On cryptocurrency exchanges, Ripple tokens were given the ticker XRP which matches their short name. If you are looking where to buy Ripple, our exchange will be your best place to get some. We offer you a simplified exchanger, so the purchase will be easy. It will help you swiftly and valuable sell XRP when the rate jumps. We are also proud to offer professional traders the full-fledged trading interface. No matter the strategy, you can make money out of Ripple trading with our platform. Additionally, XRP can act as a kind of payment bridge that may come in handy if the direct exchange of rare assets is impossible.

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As long as USD is the world's most commonly used currency, the easiest way to monitor the Ripple price dynamics is to watch the XRP/USD rate. The XRP/USD trading pair can be considered an important tool for monitoring the cryptocurrency market status.

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What you should know about Ripple and XRP

  • In Ripple, transactions are confirmed within 5 seconds. Just to compare, Ethereum needs more than 2 minutes, and Bitcoin requires more than 1 hour.

  • Highly-scalable, Ripple is capable of processing as many as 1500 transactions per second. Meanwhile, Ethereum can cope with only 15 transactions per second, and Bitcoin handles only 4 to 6 operations per second.

  • Ripple developers dropped the mining concept right off the bat, and only created the decentralised network where transactions are verified by means of the ledger consensus. Backers of mining-based cryptocurrencies are sceptic toward such a system, but still, Ripple consumes lower power and processes transactions a lot faster.

  • Initially, founders held 20% of XRP tokens for their own benefit, and such jiggery-pokery caused much controversy and disapproval in the crypto community. However, the developers donated almost half of this share to charity.

  • In 2014, the company redirected its focus to cooperating with banks and payment service providers; the pilot bank was Fidor Bank based in Munich, Germany. Today, numerous financial organizations integrate Ripple services into their workflows.

  • Ripple network participants do not need to use XRP tokens, but any account has to have at least 20 XRP in disposal to trade. This security measure helps prevent any spam action within the network.

  • The system set the minimum fee of 0.00001 XRP per transaction which can either grow (if a sender carries out high-speed operations), or drop (if idle). These fees belong to nobody — charged XRP tokens just disappear for good.

  • Within the framework of the Ripple protocol, the Bitcoin Bridge was developed which allows Ripple network members to transfer any-currency payments straight to bitcoin addresses. Autobridging, a feature that ensures higher liquidity of rarely-traded assets, was also implemented.

  • XRP’s historical price bottom was registered on July 7, 2014, and came to 0.0028 USD.

  • On the other hand, Ripple reached its peak on January 4, 2018, when one XRP was worth 3.84 USD.