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Tether is a stablecoin which straddles blockchain and fiat money. Essentially, it allows making use of a stable and low volatile digital asset. The project was piloted by Reeve Collins in 2015, originally named ‘Real Coin’. Later, though, Tether Limited issued the token USDT with the purpose to combine advantages of cryptocurrencies and fiat assets, create a highly stable and low volatile instrument, and eventually introducing a dollar’s substitute to exchanges not supporting fiat money. A key feature of the payment system was that it underpinned each token with US dollar. Real funds are stashed on Tether Limited’s bank accounts, and the total amount of circulating tokens always matches the volume of dollars that Tether has in disposal. To date, the emission has come to 2.78 billion units.

USDT is emitted when a USD equivalent is deposited to the system; vice versa, tokens are discharged when funds are withdrawn from the system. Tether significantly simplifies the process of converting dollars into a digital currency and immediately puts this digitalised USD into the blockchain, which further hashes and secures all transactions. Needless to say, the reverse transaction is also processed in a flash and with reasonable protection. Initially, Tether was based on the protocol Omni Layer built on Bitcoin’s blockchain, and it took a few minutes to process transactions. In January 2018, developers augmented the product with a flexible and innovative Ethereum’s blockchain, which shrunk the processing time to just one minute. Another benefit of adapting to Ethereum was interaction with other ERC-20 tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized apps. The company even called its currency ‘tethers’, by analogy with ethers.

Tether USDT

Tethers were designed to facilitate transferring of national currency. With that, the system’s blockchain supports not only US dollars — developers have already embedded euro’s and yen’s substitutes, which were given the tickers EURt and JPYt responsively. These currencies are also stored on the company’s accounts that are regularly examined by auditors. Tethers can be used not only for exchange operations but for payments or accumulation. Users can store them in any wallets supporting Omni Layer or Ethereum. All this makes USDT suitable for transferring, spending, or saving — just like any other cryptocurrency.

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