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Dash is the decentralised payment system and cryptocurrency that offers instantaneous and anonymity-guaranteed transactions. Evan Duffield, its founder, had studied Bitcoin since 2011 and even told the developers about 10 methods for enhancing the anonymity, but those paid no need to adjust the code. So he decided to craft his own network based on Bitcoin’s blockchain and developed the X11 algorithm which comprised 11 hashing algorithms. The new anonymous cryptocurrency was launched in January 2014, initially named Xcoin but renamed Darkcoin 40 days later. One year of improvements, stabilisation, and further rebranding, and boom — in March 2015 the project got its new name, DASH (Digital cASH). The platform was significantly refined, became even more anonymous and secure. Beside obvious edges and features, decentralised governance was implemented — not only the developers could make decisions on the platform evolvement, but all the network members. Such a common “voting” helped reach the agreement on increasing the block size from 1 to 2 MB in 2017. Additionally, the system employs the two-tier architecture: its double consensus maintains user security by virtue of complete anonymisation.

Dash is limited in the emission volume — only 18.9 million coins can be issued. Just like Bitcoin’s satoshi, duff (the tiniest fraction of Dash named after Duffield) is 1/100,000,000 of Dash. On the exchanges Dash was given the ticker DASH. If you are looking where to buy Dash, our exchange will be your best place to get some. We offer you a simplified exchanger, so the purchase will be easy. It will help you swiftly and valuable sell Dash when the rate jumps. We are also proud to offer professional traders the full-fledged trading interface. We must note that you can make use of different strategies to earn when trading Dash. Moreover, low-fee, anonymous, and immediately-processed transactions make Dash a perfect payment and transfer tool. All transfers are grouped by amount, and further operations are mixed by masternodes in several stages. This is what protects users and shrinks the transaction processing timing just to 2.5 minutes. After all that, coins are credited to receivers’ new anonymous addresses.

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As long as USD is the world's most commonly used currency, the easiest way to monitor the Dash price dynamics is to watch the DASH/USD rate. The DASH/USD trading pair can be considered an important tool for monitoring the cryptocurrency market status.

Today's Dash price in USD is: https://polyx.net/account/DASH-USD

What you should know about Dash

  • The developers offer various official wallets for fund storage, namely full-scale Dash Core, light Dash Electrum, web-based MyDashWallet, and mobile Dash for Android and Dash for iOS.

  • The system has two brilliant features, PrivateSend and InstantSend (DarkSend and InstantX respectively before rebranded). PrivateSend is the transaction mixer which strengthens anonymity and guarantees privacy. InstantSend is the transaction speeder which swiftly verifies and processes operations.

  • Masternodes are what underpins the functioning of the above features. Those are network nodes, i.e. servers run and maintained by their owners who have 1000 coins in security. Masternodes get the fee which amounts to 45% of every mined block.

  • Miners themselves also get only 45% of the loot, while the mining process consumes less compared to other cryptocoins, and blocks are generated a lot faster. The remaining 10% are deposited to the dedicated fund which sponsors the protocol optimisation and other worthwhile initiatives.

  • In March 2018, the online payment provider Payza integrated Dash and gave its users the opportunity to send coins to each other or use them for payments in 100,000+ online stores.

  • Although this cryptocurrency is positioned as a totally anonymous instrument, the developers never hide themselves — instead, they intensely participate in popularisation and marketing activities.

  • DASH’s historical price bottom was registered on February 14, 2014, and came to 0.2139 USD.

  • On the other hand, Dash reached its peak on December 20, 2017, when one coin was worth 1642.22 USD.