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Bitcoin is the peer-to-peer payment system that lent its name to the currency used. Appeared in 2009, Bitcoin became the world’s first decentralized digital currency. Supposedly, Bitcoin was founded by a mysterious person (or a group) nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. The smallest unit of the bitcoin currency, satoshi (one hundred millionth), was named in homage to the original creator. Only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist. The Bitcoin payment system operates on its own blockchain base, which stores logs of all crypto transactions. Any network user can access transaction data (addresses, amounts) in this distributed public ledger. However, the sender/recipient identities are never disclosed, as the system does not require them. One user can have any number of addresses and wallets to use for transactions. This is why it is absolutely secure and convenient to keep money in bitcoins.

On crypto exchanges, bitcoins are given the BTC ticker — bitcoins are known in the crypto community under this very acronym. If you are looking where to buy bitcoins, our platform will be your best place to get some. We offer you a simplified exchanger, so the purchase will be easy. It will help you swiftly and valuably sell bitcoins when the price jumps. For professional traders, we are proud to offer the full-fledged trading interface. No matter what the strategy applied, one can make money out of bitcoin trading with our exchange. Besides, Bitcoin is a reliable transfer and payment tool, because this is what it had been designed for. Now, transactions are processed quickly and with low fees. So one can buy bitcoins with a credit (or debit) card and send them anywhere — this will be a lot cheaper and faster than transferring money in conventional currencies.

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As long as USD is the world’s most commonly used currency, the easiest way to monitor the bitcoin price dynamics is to watch the BTC/USD rate. The BTC/USD trading pair can be considered the main reference point of the cryptocurrency market status.

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Euro is the second most popular currency throughout the globe. Residents of the European Community countries constitute a hefty share of BTC buyers and sellers. This said, it is more convenient for them to watch the bitcoin status in euro.

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Where to buy Bitcoin

  1. The best place to buy bitcoin is our crypto platform that comprises both an exchange and exchanger. We have our in-house 24/7 support desk and ensure the highest possible transaction speed. Also, we offer secure bitcoin wallets. This way, centralized platforms remain the most reliable trade-and-exchange place: users trust licensed and properly-registered companies — such as Polyx.

  2. Decentralized exchanges and P2P marketplaces are also a somewhat safe place for cryptocurrency deals. Though often their liquidity and operating performance are by far lower than those of centralized platforms, they are one of few ways to buy bitcoin anonymously.

  3. One can buy bitcoins in the UK through bitcoin ATMs — looking like conventional ATMs, those allow buying and exchanging BTC. Bitcoin ATMs are spreading rapidly, especially in large cities. However, users will face high transaction fees when handling crypto with the use of those machines.

  4. Advertising boards, forums, social media. Quite common but insecure. To avoid fraud, make sure you do scrupulous research on every single seller. Better yet, take a friend with you to the personal appointment.

How to buy Bitcoin

On Polyx, you will need to sign up and verify your account to deposit fiat money. Having funds on your account, you can buy any cryptocurrency — e.g. BTC. Those who want to buy bitcoin instantly can enjoy our simplified interface. Fast and simple: choose the currency you sell and enter its amount, then choose the currency you buy, click ‘Exchange’.

Experienced users and professional traders will benefit from our advanced interface, which is the best way to buy bitcoin. It offers the complete exchange functionality, including order creation and execution, chart, limit/market buying or selling. Every currency pair has a dedicated page with the DOM and order history.

Good to know about bitcoin transactions

  • The very first bitcoin transaction took place in January 2009, right after the creation of Bitcoin. As a test, Satoshi Nakamoto sent Hal Finney 10 BTC.

  • In mid-2009, when Bitcoin became to some extent known in small circles, it was the first time when it was rated against fiat currency. Although the exact price was not determined, 1 USD equalled some 1200 BTC.

  • The pilot bitcoin-to-dollar exchange happened in September 2009 by Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi. He sent 5050 BTC to someone nicknamed NewLibertyStandard in exchange for 5.02 USD which were transferred to Martti’s PayPal account.

  • The first-ever tangible thing was purchased for bitcoins in May 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz. He bought 2 pizzas, delivery included, for 10,000 BTC. Bitcoins were accepted nowhere in those times, so another crypto enthusiast, Jeremy Sturdivant, paid the order with real (fiat) money and sent pizzas to Laszlo. This event was monumentalised by the crypto community — since then, Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated on 22nd May.

  • Bitcoin has reached its historical peak on 17th December 2017, when it struck 20,089 USD.