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Bitcoin Cash is a payment system and cryptocurrency which shares some features with the currency it was named after, Bitcoin. Basically, Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin’s hard fork that branched off the parent BTC in August 2017. Though the crypto community generally associates this coin with its propagandist Roger Ver, it was originally developed under management of a programmer Amaury Sechet. Some advantages of Bitcoin Cash include enlarged (8 MB) block size, enhanced transaction security systems, more frequent block generation difficulty changing. Additionally, the system received the brand-new transaction type supporting sending different cryptocurrency amounts to different accounts. Other cornerstone features such as the protocol and algorithm are the same in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Originally, Bitcoin Cash was similarly designed to have 21 million coins maximum. The crypto masters consider Bitcoin Cash more centralized as long as three major mining pools control half its network power.

On the exchanges, Bitcoin Cash coins were given the ticker BCH, but sometimes they refer to the system as BCash. If you are looking where to buy Bitcoin Cash, our platform will be your best place to get some. We offer you a simplified exchanger, so the purchase will be easy. It will help you swiftly and valuable sell Bitcoin Cash when the price jumps. We are also proud to offer professional traders the full-fledged trading interface. No matter the strategy, you can make money out of BCH trading with our exchange. Interestingly, BCH is also handy for making payments and transferring funds, since transactions are processed in a tick with the lowest possible fees.

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As long as USD is the world’s most commonly used currency, the easiest way to monitor the Bitcoin Cash price dynamics is to watch the BCH/USD rate. The BCH/USD trading pair can be considered an important tool for monitoring the cryptocurrency market status.

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What you should know about Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Cash appeared exactly at the time of peak hype around cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoin. This is why coin price took the position of 300 USD within the very first days after introduction.

  • From its inception, BCH faced tons of scepticism, and most hefty exchanges held it off for a while.

  • Sometimes Bitcoin Cash was referred to as BCC — this was incorrect as this ticker belonged to the failed project BitConnect.

  • Roger Ver and his backers prefer calling BCH ‘the true Bitcoin’, explaining BTC as Bitcoin Core. However, frequent mentions of these convictions arise a plethora of criticism of the payment system.

  • A house in Tukwila, a city bordering on Seattle, was sold for BCH — making the record of the largest deal made with Bitcoin Cash. The estate owner Allan Ponio bid $415,000 and the house was eventually bought by a 23-year design engineer Cary Kuo in January 2018 in exchange for BCash.

  • In November 2018 this cryptocurrency gave rise to its own hard fork. The initial branch was named Bitcoin ABC and kept the ticker BCH, though sometimes it was referred to as BCHABC; the new offspring was tagged Bitcoin SV with the ticker BCHSV.

  • BCH’s historical price bottom was registered on 16th December 2018, and came to 75.08 USD.

  • On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash reached its peak on 20th December 2017, when one BCH was worth 4355.62 USD.